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Wechi Intelligent Car Sharing Dongle 1.0
Dongle 1.0 is the main control hardware for vehicles
  • Dongle 1.0 can locate cars , replay tracking based on real time GPS.
  • Cars can be found by using horn and double flashing while users looking for cars.
  • Operating staff can realize remote vehicle control, such as door, window and electric power via Dongle 1.0
  • Operating staff can get vehicle status remotely such as door/window opening, speed, fuel, battery capacity, and cruising distance.
  • Support car rental by APP or card.
Wechi Intelligent Dongle 2.0
Dongle 2.0 has more functions based on Dongle 1.0.
Operating staff can supervise and control the headlight, charging, sunroof and trunk remotely.
Dongle 2.0 can report the real time vehicle data to operating staff and also alarm function.
Dongle 2.0 can record and analyze driving behavior
In addition to GPRS, Dongle 2.0 also has Bluetooth 4.0 communication compensation mode.
Ultra-low power consumption with four modes. Realize over 90 days stand-by period easily by reducing the battery usage.
Super Guard Function: Vehicle could not be started even the dongle pulled out
  • ≤60mA

    Full On Mode

  • ≤20mA

    Stand-by Mode

  • ≤6mA

    Stop Mode

  • ≤1mA

    Off Mode

Multiple-functional Dongle
Support key management, fuel and electricity monitoring. human-machine interaction
  • Full screen vehicle status display

  • Vehicle management via reading RFID

  • Status checking for fuel card or electric card

  • Interactive function, such as voice control, UI and instruct input.

  • Access to keys, connect customer service hotline and return the car ect.

Stand-by King
Stand-by King is an independent installed GPS tracker, realizing real time vehicle tracking
  • Stand-by period more than one year, and no external power needed

  • Support APP and text to query car’s location

  • Reversed-signal-detect function, well hidden and concealed

  • Alarm if low battery

  • Alarm while Stand-by King is being pulled out.

  • Report vehicle location non-scheduled according to operator’s setting

RFID Reader
Card Tap Machine is to verify users identity.
  • Verify RFID user’s identity

  • Unlock, lock the door, access and return car

One-button Start Product
Support refitting on one button start function
  • Avoid key loss and reduce the cost of key management

  • Critical test environment and process to protect the safety of start and stop

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