Hardware Device Software System Service system
Backstage Management System
Flexible configuration, free setting for business logic and billing mode
High flexibility to extend the scope as business expands.
Support virtual operator, freely divided to level II and level III independent platform operation
High degree of opening, having front and rear SDK package and API interface which support secondary development of the enterprise
Hierarchical management platform to satisfy customer expansion
Use BS structure to check operating status on PC or mobile devices.
Quick response to customer need with fast and efficient software developing capability
Data platform alligns with Ali Cloud system and OWASP standard coding. Based on RAS data transfer certification, XSS/CSRF/SQL Injection, hostile attack shield and more than 3000 methods to secure data system.
Operation Management Port

As the in-hand monitor, make operating staff easy to get access to car status anywhere and anytime, such as rent, fuel, on line status.Support key free control, door open and engine stop and car dispatching can be realized via APP.Support Bluetooth control if network not available.Real-time order check to see the latest rent info.More and more in-hand functions coming soon.

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