Short Distance Tour And Hotel
No matter what transportation service travelers choose, there will always be gaps between transportation hubs, hotels and scenery spots. Also expensive fees and low travel freedom prevent travelers to have a better travel experience.


Targeting operation companies’ vehicle parking lots and charging stations’ pros and cons, Yiweixing can specifically implant customized resources, provide time share rental system, technology, and operational support, helping operation company to establish time share platform.


Assuming the majority of travelers are nonlocals, their travel routes are concentrated and simple. By cooperating with hotels, car sharing function can be added to hotel’s RFID room key so travelers can use their card to access car sharing services.


By conducting data sharing and having mutual discounts with scenery spots and stores, travelers can enjoy their car rental at a discounted price and car rental companies can gain more from the advisement.

Many universities towns set in suburban area, teachers, university staff and students’ travel between new and old campus are extremely inconvenient. Stale and lacking public transportation can no longer meets students or staff’ shopping and other travel demands.

Since car rental companies normally have vehicle resources, Yeweixing can customize charging instrument distribution, and provide time split rental system, technology and operational support.


University staffs can get official sub cards and APP from their school to gain access to vehicles and go on business trips. University students can gain access to the car rental service via their APP for a greener, more convenient, more conformable and smarter travel service.


Time share rental when compared to regular taxi services is much cheaper. And since university students normally travel in groups, fees can be split evenly. Time share rental are more attractive toward the economically sensitive crowd mainly represented by university students.

As of 2017 Chinese express service’s order quantity has been growing at a rate of 50% per-year for the last 6 years. Meanwhile, since express service vehicles are considered to be the three major sources for city pollution, and large cities are raising their environmental standards, how can Yiweixing improve express service efficiency while at the same time be cleaner and greener.

Since express service companies normally have vehicle resources, Yeweixing can customize charging instrument distribution; provide time share rental system, technology and operational support. Low cost and non-polluting electric vehicle meets the environment demand for green and economical express carts. Effective positioning of electric express cars and control of information can be realized via the time share system. Express company can easily manage and transfer vehicles, while understanding detailed operating efficiency. Switching to a time share system will be of great importance in the construction for a greener and smarter city express service.

Huge Industry Park
With the growth and development of industries sets, more and more companies chose to settle in large and fully equipped industry parks. At the same time, as large company has multiple office buildings in the city spread across different areas, employees’ travel expense within and between industry parks are high. How can the travelling in and between industry parks be greener and more convenient?


Considering the industry park usually has parking resources, Yeweixing can customize charging instrument distribution, provide time share rental system, technology and operational support.


Car rental company can set up multiple rental spots in each industry park to provide company and its employees with more convenient travel service. Using major and sub card method, company can provide time share vehicles to its employees for business trips within and between industry parks. At the same time, employees and everyday visitors can use APP to freely reserve and rent vehicles.


Using time share method, we can achieve effective management of users, vehicles, access points, orders, smart flow and etc. Thus gaining more valid data on business trips and at the same time improving employees’ travel efficiency and it will be a key milestone in the construction of smarter company and smarter industry park.

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