In large transportation hubs such as airports, choosing taxi still require customer to wait in line and choosing airport subway or bus will limit user experience and conformability. Also during night time when public transportation are scarce, customer would still need service. How can we provide middle to high end consumers with better travel service.

Transportation hub normally has multiple parking lots equipped with charging stations, and it is an inherent hot spot for traveler. Yeweixing could customize charging instrument distribution, provide time sharing rental system, technology, operational support and other service with a full set of solutions.


Travel between key transportation stations:
End user can reserve and pay for vehicles via APP. Then they will head toward the specified parking lot positon. By using Yiweixing’s store-free, self-served timeshare technology, they can unlock and use the vehicle to travel to their desired transportation station, city center or hotels.
Long term company leasing:
Large company has large travel service demand and the long term leasing method can be a good choice. Company can provide their employees with travel vehicle at large transportation hubs. Company can provide a set amount of travel expenses to their employees with its mother or sub card, and at the same time effectively monitor car info, position, and reservation info. Using this method companies can provide convenient travel for the their employees while making company managements more transparent and effective.
Short term business rental:
Provide traditional car rental with rent and return at specific point service. Transportation hub staffs could rent at a discounted price for vehicle to and from work.

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