The importance to own a vehicle is gradually being replaced with the usage of vehicle. The change in service leads to operation reform. After the demand for vehicle decrease, how can OEM and 4S store open up new markets to resolve sales difficultly, and begin the transformation to mobile travel service providers.

There are three major requirements to become a major travel service provider: vehicle supplies, travel service entre and travel service technology. For OEMs, it urgently need to find a starting point into travel service and acquire relevant technology.

Yeweixing can customize charging instrument distribution, and provide time share rental system, technology and operational support


Firstly, OEM can establish sample network points within its manufacturing base and accumulate experience while verifying the time share car rental’s business model.

Then, combining time sharing’s mode and technology develop the core infrastructure for the entire vehicle service platform. Mainly targeting owners and potential owners, offer them test drive opportunities, vehicle repairing, intercity vehicle rental service, and other value-added services. Also release contract- car models to forge car plant’s P2P rental service, turning vehicle from a personal depreciating asset in to appreciating asset.

Finally, use real estate and government resource to produce time share vehicle, brand, service standard, and develop local smart traffic network.


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